From the Desk of Peggy…Post Ida update

From the Desk of Peggy –
”As I sit here with my staff and residents at Covenant following Hurricane Ida’s wrath, I must extend a most heartfelt gratitude to the courageous staff members at my side:
-Our nurses, led by our Director of Nursing, Rosalie and our outstanding staff including RN Lydia and LPNs Renee, Kim, Beatrice, Josie and Annalise who hunkered down at CNH ready to protect and care for our residents. Our CNAs, Dionne, Shelia, Lynn, Ernestine, Tamyra, Annie, Keith, June, Lashanda and Easter who have worked 12+ hour shifts ensuring the residents’ care, schedule and daily routine remain in place.
-The prep work of our Maintenance Team, led by Ralph, our two “Michaels,” and our team workers Sam and Leonard ensured the threats to the facility would be minimized, and their efforts are evident in our success. Ralph and the two Michaels worked in extreme heart conditions on Monday removing dangerous limbs from our roof and street. Sam focused on keeping the interior in ship shape from leaks and Leonard was very helpful in assisting employees with trips to their homes surveying potential damage.
-To our universal workers, Elizabeth and Alicia, who crossed over to all departments, doing whatever was necessary to accommodate our residents, sheltering staff and calming worried family members. Elizabeth’s computer skills were instrumental in keeping our technology operating despite no internet!
-The ladies in Dietary, led by Rocquel, our cook Simceone and aide Lannie have worked tirelessly, ensuring without fail that regular, full (non-hurricane!) meals were prepped and ready for residents and employees during the entire storm event and afterwards…even now…
-To our spirited and energetic Angelique who has led the residents in normally scheduled, cheerful and exciting activities starting Monday morning…
-To Shelly, our laundress, who has been onsite since Saturday to ensure that lots of linens were available for our sheltering staff and she worked hard to keep laundry moving the entire time!
-To our Team B employees – Tonja, Danielle, Linda, Katie, Jessica, Deane, DeJuan, Lawrence, Charlotte, Terrence, Cynthia and Janice who began arriving a soon as they could to relieve our first line workers.
Thanks to these dedicated and compassionate employees, very few residents even realized a storm had passed. Through a Category 4 hurricane, these staff members dedicated themselves to the 60 souls that reside here. They are Angels, Heroes and Covenant Home’s greatest gift.”