Hurricane Ida – UPDATE Pt. 2

Families and Friends –
Despite minor challenges, Covenant continues to thrive.
– We are still on generated power with our fingers crossed for city power in the upcoming days!
– Phone service continues to be erratic and spotty, so please use the phone numbers sent to you if you cannot get through. Texts to (504) 400-3141 and (504) 952-1881 seem to be the best option!
– Internet is down and we are working solely on 5G which is intermittent.
– 85% of our staff has returned so our residents continue to be cared for in their usual exceptional manner. Some staff continue to live onsite while awaiting habitable environments in their homes.
– Dr. Wise, our Medical Director, has checked in multiple times per day EVERY day since this began last week. Dr. St. John returned today and is back on call!
Thank you for your kind messages and unwavering support…hope you all are well.