Family Council Meeting originally scheduled for this Saturday will be postponed until April 2020.
Three (3) residents of a nearby SNF have been reported as presumptive positive for Coronavirus.
Executive Director of Louisiana Nursing Home Association is asking to “support efforts to protect nursing facility residents by not visiting a nursing facility until further notice in order to limit potential exposure.  Loved ones should call the nursing facility to arrange alternative ways to communicate with residents.”   We strongly support this concept to provide our frail residents.
A few families have found great comfort in utilizing FaceTime and Skype with their residents.  This technology allows both you and the resident to view one another, laugh and share stories.  Please consider this option.
Identified Cases have grown from:
  • 1 case Monday, to
  • 3 cases Tuesday, to
  • 6 cases Wednesday
  • +3 cases at nearby SNF= a minimum of 9 in three days.
Coronavirus has now been declared a Pandemic.
Tomorrow and Friday, at the very least,  we would like to exercise complete lockout of visitors. 
Please feel free to contact us for inquiries… at the facility (504) 897-6216.
Thank you for your support during these critical times….