COVID-19 Update


In light of the bonafide risk in our City of the effects of COVAD-19 virus, and the significant threat it poses to the elderly, we must take aggressive steps to protect our residents from threats from the Community.

Accordingly, Covenant Home shall be implementing necessary restrictions on visitation inside our walls by vendors, salesmen, outside entertainers, contractors, delivery personnel, friends and family members.

Effective Tuesday, March 10, 2020, entry codes shall be changed on all doors.  From 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., the ONLY entrance available shall be the front door, where eligibility and mandatory confidential health screenings (which may include taking temperatures) shall occur for the FEW individuals who will be allowed admission to the resident care area, such as hospice workers, physicians and/or licensed state inspectors.

We strongly hope for your support to protect these frail individuals.  Families shall not be allowed access into the resident care area except in rare end of life instances.  If desired, through the Social Services staff, we can set up a time frame to ‘skype’ or Facetime with your loved one.  Please e-mail your requests to  Telephone calls shall also be encouraged, however, please keep mealtimes in mind.

This email is being sent to Responsible Parties designated by our residents.  Please alert your other family members and friends to eliminate their disappointment on being turned away at the door.

Routine medical appointments have been rescheduled to minimize potential high risk contact by our residents.  Entertainers have been rescheduled until next month. Vendors and/or contactors scheduled to work in the residents’ area have also been postponed.  “Outings” scheduled by our staff and outings considered by family with their loved ones should be postponed until further notice.

We hope these restrictions shall be lifted as soon as our City is cleared of heightened threats.

Please refer to the CDC for guidance documents at

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Margaret Hoffmann

Executive Director